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Easy to Use Discover the convenience of our Audio Bibles—the easiest to use in the world. Each Bible is designed to make your listening experience a pleasure: raised buttons to navigate the chapters with just a click; a talkback feature; built-in speakers, earbuds and more amazing features.

Most Popular Shop online for our best-selling products in a variety of formats, versions, and translations. You can choose from a wide range of the most popular Electronic Bibles and audio Bibles on DVD’s, CD’s and for MP3 and iPod downloads. Be sure to click the product pages to read the customer reviews too!

Clearance Shop in our clearance section and save money on a variety of Audio Bibles. Enjoy big discounts on high quality, easy-to-use products and still benefit from free shipping and our 60-day money back guarantee.

Electronic Bible Our Bible players are the perfect devices to use for Christian ministry, to reach non-readers, persons who speak different languages and those who simply prefer to listen to the Word of God. Each device is convenient, has easy-to-use features and beautiful narrations by some of the best voices in the world. Choose from a wide variety of versions and translations. Whether you prefer the classic King James Version or a more contemporary edition, you are sure to find them all right here at the most competitive prices.

Newest Bibles We want you to choose from the best and widest selection of Audio Bibles available. That’s why we are always searching the marketplace for the latest, most up-to-date and relevant products that will fit your needs. Whether it's a new format, translation, version or narration, our goal is to make it easily available to you. Here are some of our latest finds: