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  • Front view - New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition
  • Inside the case - New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition
  • Inside the case showing both DVDs - New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition
  • Old and New Testament on single DVD disc - New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition
  • FREE Bonus disc includes Ultimate Bible Question and Answer Game, Holy Land picture tour and a Through the Bible in a year Weekly Reading Guide  - New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition

New King James Bible on DVD, Dramatized, Deluxe Edition

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• New King James Version Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Multiple voice dramatization, word for word narration .
• Stephen Johnston narrates the bridge text where there are no characters speaking.
• Interactive Menus provide direct access to every book and chapter
• Listen and read the Bible at the same time, Synchronized audio and text showing every verse
• FREE Bonus disc includes Ultimate Bible Question and Answer Game, Holy Land picture tour and a Through the Bible in a year Weekly Reading Guide
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Stephen Johnston.
• Dramatization read by multiple voices.
• He has gained an international reputation as an award winning narrator
• He has received many awards including an Emmy, the New York Film Critics Award, the National Silver Microphone Award and the Army Commendation Award
Translation Information:
• New King James Version
• First published in 1982.
• Number of Translators: 119
• An accurate and modern word for word translation


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  1. New King James Version Bible Complete on DVD by St

    Posted by Angeline Maldonado

    It''''''''s a Great product I would recommend this to all of you. God Bless You.

  2. NKJV on DVD

    Posted by Pastor Tim Brenner

    This is very nice, I love listening and reading at the same time. It makes reading the Old Test. much more smoother having someone pronounce all the names of locations and people.

  3. I love this Bible!

    Posted by Renee A Hammond

    My Mom-n-law is in a nursing home and is going blind, but, the print on the screen is big enough that she can not only see it, but she can listen to it. I have a copy here at home that I let play as I go about my day. You have to KNOW the Word to SHARE it. An excellent resource! LOVE IT!


    Posted by Elaine Fox-Haney

    Overall, I LOVE THIS BIBLE and use it on a little laptop DVD player, most EVERY MORNING!!! There are a couple flaws in the production, but not enough of an annoyance to affect how GREAT OF A PRODUCT THIS IS!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENED!

  5. A Better Understanding

    Posted by Paul R Johnson

    I have always struggled with the ability to remain focused while reading. I find that listening to some one speak while I read is very benificial. My comprehenion of what I'm reading is much more clear this way. I will spend more time in the Word than before, with better understanding. Thank you.

  6. Gift

    Posted by Judith B. Ostrander

    This was a gift so I cannot accurately review it. Sorry

  7. Bible DVD

    Posted by Michael Koranteng

    its great in quality and price!!!

  8. Erick Gampp

    Posted by David W Dyer

    Great quality, easy listening. Hopefully, the Old Testament will be offered in the future as a stand alone purchase.

  9. Excellent!!!!

    Posted by Erick Gampp

    This product was well worth it. It's easy to follow along in your Bible. I like the narrator. The sound of his voice sets the tone for what is going to happen next. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

  10. what's your excuse?

    Posted by Marjorie Smith-Kasse

    You can never get tired of hearing the word of GOD. You can cook,clean,wash,iron bath the kids,eat,do what ever you have to do and still learn about the love of GOD. So there are no excuses. Try it,you will love it.

  11. Excellent Product

    Posted by Robert T Rouse

    This has been an excellent purchase for me. It is easy to use and I the features that are present on it. I like the speed adjust feature because I tend to be a fast reader.

  12. NKJV DVD

    Posted by Samantha Moore

    My family has enjoyed watching and listening to this Bible. The use of music,sound effects, and different voices helps us to keep our attention.

  13. New King James Version Bible Complete

    Posted by Robert Lutes

    The DVD is great. A great way to study and learn about the Bible. Great for Bible study groups.

  14. excellent transaction

    Posted by Deborah E Thomas

    excellent transaction!

  15. NIV

    Posted by Evan Hedrick


  16. Great book

    Posted by Lou Truty

    I bought this book for my son and now he reads it on a daily basis.

  17. clear and plain

    Posted by andrew Mc Ilwrick

    This product was bought for a man loosing his sight and was worried about not reading his Bible. He was delighted with the clarety of voice and ease of use. would still like to see a daily reading one not a monthly one as this would be a great help to anyone using this product. GREAT VALUE.

  18. NKJV

    Posted by Mervin Strothmann

    It has been a great help to in my daily reading of the Bible.

  19. Blessed

    Posted by Robert Bridges

    We are really enjoying the NKJV Bible on DVD. We have been opening The Word every night and finding this method of actualy following the words on the TV screen as well as hearing them has opened up a new dimension of enjoyment and fulfillment of The Bible.We read it together which is great.

  20. Everything I Wanted to Have and to Share

    Posted by Bob D Blasingame

    My eyes are not what they once were. I use a giant print bible at home and church. But the greater joy is when I am able to share the love and wisdom of Gods word. No one wants me to read or quote to them, but when I have it on the TV, family members passing through the room stop and listen. YES!

  21. Great! Highly Recommend!

    Posted by Steven Hereford

    Struggle with keeping your thoughts focused as you read your Bible? With this DVD you not only will establish daily time in the Word but also keep your mind and heart focused on Jesus. The entire NKJV text of the Old and New Testament is read with the words appearing on the screen. Try it today.

  22. Excellent for slow readers.

    Posted by Donna Woods

    My son has a learning disibility which causes him difficulties with his reading. This dvd has helped him so much. He is able to follow along in his Bible while the text is read on screen. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  23. NKJV on DVD

    Posted by Jeanette Loudermilk

    The video DVD of the Bible is great. The pictures are breath taking. Best of all the price is more than affordable. I would have expected to pay much much more for the product I received. Thanks.

  24. THE BEST!!!!!!!

    Posted by Dave Garcia

    Praise the LORD for this Bible! It's my favorite version! My 8-year-old and six-year-old love to watch to it. The dramatization blends in perfectly in a graceful balance of creating a more interesting narrative without overpowering the Word of God. I definitely recommend it!

  25. Not quite perfect

    Posted by Vernell King

    When I want to see and hear a perfect Book, I guess that is what I would prefer to see and hear.

  26. NKJV Signature Edition - Bible on DVD

    Posted by Linda S. McBroom

    This DVD is an excellent tool for studying God's Word. You can read along or choose to just listen. Whether you can see or not, I highly recommend this product.

  27. Awesome

    Posted by andrew heaberlin

    Audio bible is a great tool to do your daily devotional with the family, or to teach your kids about the bible. We use it everyday and do a through the bible in 1 year. Great product!!

  28. Must have

    Posted by Roger Nutter

    I have had a stroke,and listening to recordind is a must. reading is very hard for me.Listening seam easy for me.

  29. Awesome

    Posted by mary soliman

    I like it a lot, visual aid is great.

  30. good stuff

    Posted by Lynn Humphrey

    I love to have this bible on dvd playing in the background, I learn so much by hearing it over and over. I even listen to Leviticus and Numbers and learn things that connect to the New Testament. There is a reason why God does every little thing......even supposedly mundane things. It's rich!

  31. Just what God had in store for me.

    Posted by Calvin Allen

    This audio Bible was exactly needed for me to continue with my daily eating of Spiritual food. I can play it anywhere and even share it with others. Other than my iPhone I had no trouble at all loading on my iPad nor my wife's tablet.

  32. NKJV on DVD

    Posted by Jon Anderson

    I truly enjoy the product, however it would be great to have more mobility to access other books and verses of the Bible without closing out and restarting the DVD. An option menu at the bottom of the screen would be great. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

  33. Keeping on the right track>

    Posted by ANDREW J HICKEY

    I use this while I am on my treadmill, this starts an end my day with the Word of God on my mind and in my heart. I would recommend this product very highly.

  34. NKJV Audio Bible

    Posted by Linda S. McBroom

    This audio Bible has been a friend to me, since my eyesight has increasing visual debris, and I have yet to explore all its features.

  35. nkjv audio bible

    Posted by Timothy Aldridge

    had trouble reading the bible because reading puts me to sleep with the audio bible i am able to stay awake and learn much easier i watch and listen to it every day since i recieved it i concider it a blessing :)

  36. a gift for the avid listener

    Posted by Monica Adair

    Bought this for my boyfriend. He wad grateful to receive it. It is perfect for people on the go who don't have time to sit down and read through the Bible, but can ride and listen to the words. He has a portable DVD player in His car. .

  37. NKJV Bible

    Posted by Eddie E. Perkins

    Previously we had the NLT and the white on blue was difficult for my old eyes, the black on white with this one is much better for me. Also the background music and voices of the crowd often drowned out the narration whereas I’ve not experienced that yet with this one. I’ve listened to parts of the gospels, Esther and all of Ruth. I didn’t hear any voice other than the narration with Esther, the gospels were very good and Ruth is beautifully done. The different voices make it more enjoyable bring me back on track when my mind wonders away somewhere. I had no problem navigating back and forth with the menu and between the different books of the Bible. Unlike our NLT video, I could not find any settings for reading the complete Testament, complete books or one chapter at a time. Apparently it starts where you choose and continues to the end of the chosen Testament. As for the bonus disk; the photos come with a choice of narration or music. I was looking forward to hearing the hymns, but I’m not a fan of the organ. However, the photos with scripture references are great. Also, I’m not a fan of “trivia”, but the weekly reading guide may be helpful. My vision is seriously failing and I have cataracts so I’m border-line of needing my eye glasses with the TV. With that said, I’m completely satisfied with this video Bible. It has all the great features I expected, want and need. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  38. It Was Gift

    Posted by Terry Le

    I gave this to my daughter for Christmas. Since she hasn't complained, I assume she is happy with it.

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