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The Message Audio Bible Reading for MP3 & Android

88 product reviews
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• The Message Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• 5 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 2.3 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Voice only recording by Kelly Ryan Dolan
• 77 Hours and 45 Minutes of Bible Reading.
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Kelly Ryan Dolan
• He has done voice-over work for Sharper Video Productions, Sonlife Ministries, the Left Behind radio drama and others.
• Kelly Ryan Dolan has done many voice-over works for radio and other productions
Translation Information:
• The Message Bible (paraphrase)
• Worded by Eugene H. Peterson
• Published in 1993.
• An easy-to-read modern-language paraphrase.
• Converts the original language into modern day American speech, while retaining the original meanings.

Most Recent Customer Reviews:

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  1. The Message

    Posted by Dr. Edgar moss

    I have downloaded the discs to my i-Pad and am now able to listen to a portion of the Bible from this excellent translation day by day. This is just what I wanted.

  2. Awesome!!

    Posted by Kayla Bonebrake

    The message is a good bible to begin with because you get the story without having to decify the language. The audio is a male voice that is very clear and easy to hear.

  3. A blessing to the word of GOD

    Posted by Charlene peck

    I really enjoyed this message bible . God truly used the Arthor ..

  4. Great message, poor delivery

    Posted by Craig N. Bline

    The speaker talks too quickly for my ears to hear, my brain to take in and process, learn and enjoy the teaching that God's word has to offer. I may try another version or it will be back to the text; I have yet to decide but I do know I will no longer be using this version.

  5. Message Audio Bible

    Posted by Tanja Rac

    This is an extremely worthwhile and excellent purchase. Having only 4 CD's it's able to be taken anywhere. The narration is very clear, constant, steady and pleasant to listen to. The expression and emphasis is placed in just the right places. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  6. The Message for today

    Posted by Steven West

    I have now listened to The Message and in light of several other audio Bibles, I very much appreciate the heart and language it uses. The Message uses our style of speech to present a true and insightful presentation of the Bible. It is easy to listen to and the reader (Kelly Ryan Dolan) is great.

  7. Great product!

    Posted by Michael b. Johnson

    This Message translation of the Bible, brings fresh and relevant insight, to the infalible Word of God. I absolutely love the Mp-3 format! Well done!

  8. A Great Fresh Approach

    Posted by Geoff Gilmore

    I am followning the 90 day Bible reading plan. Having read through the Bible in NIV and NKJV I truly am loving the approach on the Message. Kelly Ryan Dolan is so easy to listen to and truly a delight. My only reservation is that there is only voice, no music/dramatization.

  9. Convenient, contemporary, contextual

    Posted by PATRICIA DICKE

    My husband is using the audio version of The Message during our church's program to read the Bible in 100 days. He says it's good for an overview in contemporary language, reader's voice is engaging. He also likes the introductions to each book for context.

  10. Awesome!

    Posted by Daniel S Trimpey

    This audio Bible was just what I was looking for. Perfect for loading onto my iPad and listening to the Word when my eyes are tired. The reader is easy to understand and a perfect balance of intonation without being dramatic.

  11. Great Listening

    Posted by Ian R Bradley

    The Message is great for getting the concepts of the Nre Testament. The speakers are very pleasent to listen to.

  12. message

    Posted by David Gutowski

    I am well pleased with the product and I plan to purchase different verisons in the future. The service and ease of purchase was also deeply appreciated! Blessings! DG

  13. Just what I wanted!

    Posted by Adam D. Zollinger

    Seller was wonderful to deal with! Thank you!

  14. The Message is great

    Posted by Ian R Bradley

    I have enjoyed the version. It makes it clear in every day language. I lso enjoyed the way is read by Kelly Ryan Dolan. I also enjoy the introduction by Carol Nix. It is a very good paraphrase and very easy to listen. My thanks to all who produce the audio version of the Message.

  15. Easy listening

    Posted by D. Stephen Adams

    I have it on my smart phone and turn it on when I go to bed. Better than any radio program.

  16. Excellent

    Posted by H. Bryan Werner

    This goes with me everywhere. Good diction and quality


    Posted by MARGE DAVIS

    I am a 77 year old recent widow with macular degeneration in both eyes. Being able to turn on my M-P3 player and just listen to God's word is a BLESSING. I listen every morning while eating my breakfast. Thank you so much for making this possible. God Bless you Marge Davis

  18. Loved the audio bible

    Posted by Gail Pittman

    This is an excellent translation of the bible. It is easy to understand and the author uses every day words. The speaker is very good. Words are very clear and he provides just the right tone as he reads.

  19. My Message

    Posted by David Miller

    Had problem with 1 of 4 CDs. Took three times to get one that worked. Content of CDs is very good

  20. AWESOME!

    Posted by Keisha King

    Kudos! right up there next to my Salvation! I can listen to it anytime I have my phone, which is ALL THE TIME-LOL. I even play it at night when I sleep! The clarity is great & the introductions really help with understanding! I recommend it to everyone, especially those who don't like to read.

  21. The Message Bible

    Posted by Anthony Hunter

    I am really enjoying this version of the bible. I would recommend that everyone purchase a copy.

  22. The Message Bible for MP3 & Ipos

    Posted by Margaaret Mould

    The speaker reads it with sincerity and feeling which helps the teaching. I purchased it so I could listen on my bus commute to study.

  23. Bought this again!

    Posted by Mitzi Parsons

    I loved this product so much I gave mine away and could not stand not having it. I had to purchase myself another one.

  24. The Message

    Posted by Don Warden

    Could write a book about this but suffice it to say that I use this daily.

  25. The Message

    Posted by Brent McHenry

    Wonderful quality audio Bible and there is no better content!

  26. The Message for Ipod

    Posted by Joan Ainsworth

    This is excellent once you get it on the computer. 3 discs were find, 1 was extremely difficult to get onto the computer. Had to keep turning computer on and off, some tracks were not transferred, had to send to recycle bin and start again. 1 disc 2days to get onto computer. 3 discs 1 hr!

  27. easy to read

    Posted by Jonathan Rice

    i picked up The Message in a bookstore and found it very easy to read so i ordered the audio version. putting the bible in todays words makes it much easier to understand and alot more enjoyable to study. i would highly recommend this version of the bible to anyone wishing to learn more of the word

  28. love it

    Posted by Janet Richards

    I love the message Bible. The only problem is it takes alot of space on my ipod. but well worth it.... thanks

  29. Great Deal

    Posted by Gregory Eaton

    Eugene Peterson Has great insight into the Word Of GOD. How simple, How profound. I love being able to Listen to The Message during comute. It is so helpful to.

  30. Makes the Word alive and real.

    Posted by Karen Neill

    This version accomplishes just what the author wants. You like to listen to the bible and it is so easy to understand and relate to. I especially enjoy the introductions to each chapter so you know what the main focus and points are before you begin to read the chapter. Totally worth it.

  31. Best way to drink in the Word on busy days.

    Posted by Marikay Cumpston

    I have purchased three of these audio bibles and gave them as gifts to folks I knew wouldn't sit to read but would listen as they drove to work. The Word is a salve and heals from the inside out. I wouldn't be without mine.

  32. The Message

    Posted by Doug Julian

    The sound is great. The reading is a nice, easy to follow pace. The video showing how to load the MP3's on my Ipod was very easy to follow. After loading the MP3's on my Ipod I was able to listen to The Message on my drives to and from work.

  33. Message audio

    Posted by Kim Knez

    I really love the message translation and I personally recieve easier from the spoken word. I would like an easier guide to be able to skip to specific chapters.

  34. The Message Audio Bible

    Posted by Lau Chi Fai

    The is a very good audio bible. The voice is clear and with emotion. That's very helpful to me.

  35. Message Audio Bible

    Posted by C M DYCK

    Very well done, some more variation in voice tone, and more variety of voices would be nice.

  36. Awesome Blessing

    Posted by Timothy Brister

    I have really loved being able to turn off the radio and tune in to God's word with this outstanding resource. The MP3s are a great way to put them on my iPhone, listen to them on my computer, or play them in the car. The narrator has a very pleasing and engaging voice that makes this a must have.

  37. Message re THE MESSAGE

    Posted by Rev David G Peake

    This product not only allows me to listen to the scriptures on the road - but the introduction to every Book is more than just information it is enlightening and assists in a new and fresh comprehension of the text. The text is fresh, the reader clear. it's a great experience.

  38. Lian Uk Van

    Posted by Sara Ann Ward

    I own several audio versions of the Bible. However, I am really impressed with the clearness and sincerity of The Message.I listened to it all the way through and I liked it so much that I bought the MP3 version for my son and his wife. It would make a great Christmas present for someone you love.

  39. The Message Bible for MP3 & iPod players.

    Posted by Lian Uk Van

    Easy to understand.I can also finish up a page or a chapter in no time with the help of this MP3 Bible, no longer necessary to spend a lot of time by reading paper Bible.

  40. So glad I got it

    Posted by Sheryl A MacCullough

    I use the message every day on my way to work and at the end of my quite time with God. It is so nice to have Gods word to listen to on my way each day. If you own a mac and download this product it is a little tricky but once you have it downloaded it is an awesome addition to any ones day.

  41. The Message On MP3

    Posted by Unknown

    My brother who is a minister gave me a copy of the Message.I had never heard of the Message be for that day but made a pledge to read it though in a year. But when I heard that it came in mp3 format. I use the two to gather and it is so awesome. Try it-You will Love it. Thank God for The Message.

  42. Old Testament - Message Bible

    Posted by Peggy HaLL

    The Message Bible is so easy not only to read but so easly to listen to. I am enjoying listening even more. I look forward to hearing the New Testament of the Message Bible. Thank you for recording this for those of us who are busy people and can use the MP3 player while we work or play.

  43. Message Bibles mp3 format

    Posted by Darlene W. Pickett

    This is a wonderful product. I listen to it everyday. The scriptures are easy to understand and remember. I would reccommend it to all youth and new beginners to reading the bible.

  44. The Message Bible

    Posted by Darro Robinson

    The Message Bible is in the language of the common man. It's introdution to each book allows the listener to connect with the time and setting of the writer. I listen to it every night.

  45. Martin Ukaegbe O.

    Posted by Susan Page

    My favorite resource for Bible Study. I listen to the story told in a way that you can understand. Then I am able to better understand the other versions of my favorite book. It truly makes it come alive.


    Posted by Martin Ukaegbe O.

    excellent introductions to the books and the Bible itself. I love it so much that I had to give it out to my sister to enjoy it also. I also want to get a replacement. Is the Remix as excellent as this one?

  47. The message bible on mp3 disc

    Posted by Carl Slechta

    I am very pleased with my purchase. Recently I bought The Message Bible on mp3 cd. The sound quality and literary quality is exceptional, this was my first purchase but not my last...

  48. message

    Posted by lisa bielefld

    this is great, easy to read and understand. love the readers voice.

  49. MP3 Message Review

    Posted by Dorothy Hutchins

    I like this very much. I wish I could play it in my car.

  50. The Message

    Posted by Derek Brown

    The Message on my iPod is of great use to me. As I have a 45 minute bus ride to and from work, I now can use that time to

  51. The Message Bible for iPod

    Posted by James Ohm

    I find it very enjoyable to listen to while walking in the mornings It is definitely not a study Bible but great for simple listening pleassure

  52. It is Refreshing to Hear The Word of God

    Posted by Jeffry Aucompaugh

    Its a refreshing thing to hear The Word of God in words that you use all the time Also the use of our measurement scales is great finally I know what Im reading or hearing

  53. Like hearing the Bible for the first time

    Posted by Curtis T

    I grew up with the King James Version so it is very hard for me to focus when reading or listening to it But this Message translation is like listening to the Bible for the first time You get to hear Jesus speak with the tone of voice and words that really help you understand what was going on at the time that He spoke them I realize that it is possible that something could get lost in the translation but I believe the Holy Spirit will work that out to in my heart.

  54. Whoa Kelly

    Posted by Gregory Ball

    I love The Message translation of the Bible It is fluid and easy to understand but Kelly reads it a bit too fast and often with too much urgency Thanks Kelly but Im spoiled by Alexander Scourby

  55. A Great investment

    Posted by JASON HALL

    I and my children love these disks. Loads easily on all MP3 players.

  56. Place your life before God Rome 12

    Posted by Tomas Axellie

    I´ve read the Message through several times, translated some parts into Swedish and spread it among friends. Now I can even listen to it and learn it by heart. It is really good. It does talk direct to my heart. I listen to it in my mobile.

  57. Deep daily drinks of hot chocolate

    Posted by Henrik Bay Møller

    I've been enjoying The Message Mp3s for some weeks now, and I simply love listening to psalms or Esaiah or Revelation while cycling or driving or simply relaxing. It's kind of like drinking large cups of hot chocolate of Gods Word. Replenishing and satisfying. Get it!

    I've been enjoying The Message Mp3s for some weeks now, and I simply love listening to psalms or Esaiah or Revelation while cycling or driving or simply relaxing. It's kind of like drinking large cups of hot chocolate of Gods Word. Replenishing and satisfying. Get it!

  58. Incredible and practical

    Posted by Andries' VanSchalkwyk

    A powerful expression of every day language in understanding the Bible better for successful daily living.

  59. The Message by Eugene Peterson

    Posted by Jack M. Ramos-Needham

    I especially like the book introductions to The Message dictated by Carol Nix. The clarity and down to earth language is especially helpful and motivating when one listens to the Message on DVD. I've downloaded mine to an iPod so that I can listen to it through my car's sound system.

  60. Great audiobible

    Posted by Jason Wright

    I love the Message version and having it on audio is even better. I listen to it on my ipod now. It's nice having each chapter as a seperate audio file. I can quickly scan to different parts of each book.

  61. The best audio Bible I have found

    Posted by David Taylor

    Easy to install into iTunes. Then easy to create playlists for. Great voice to listen too.

  62. Thank You!

    Posted by Debbie Kelly

    I listen to the Audio Bible every night before I go to bed. Love it!

  63. The Message Bible

    Posted by SE JIN HWANG

    This is the best MP3 audio bible in the world. Even if files are MP3, the sound quality is great. I put these files into my mp3 player. It works fine.

  64. Easy to Listen To!

    Posted by Jeremy Gryder

    This bible is the best listening bible out there. It makes every thing so simple to understand in plain English. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about the word at whatever level!

  65. No Drama - Good Reader - Contemporary Language

    Posted by Joan Rusche

    I wanted an audio Bible in a modern language, without dramatization. Kelly Ryan Dolan's reading is expressive, and a pleasure to listen to as I fall asleep at night. Mp3 loading was easy.

  66. Fabulous

    Posted by Mary Boyd

    Very easy to listen to. The reader does a wonderful job of making the Bible come alive just through his reading. Listening has geen a great blessing to me.

  67. Audio Bible Review - mp3 Message version

    Posted by Scott Runda

    I recently purchased the audio bible (The Message version), and have been quite satisfied with my purchase. The MSG paraphrase is great for listening in the car, or on your iPod, I've really enjoyed it for car rides. Hearing the stories keeps God on my mind in simple terms! God bless!

  68. Today's Language Format

    Posted by M. Parsons

    I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this format. It gives today's language and helps with comprehension for when you have been only KJV taught.

  69. Easy Listening to Inspire Your Devotions

    Posted by James Hill

    The Message is for smooth easy listening to God's Word in a thought by though paraphrase of Scripture. Not meant to be a study Bible but an on-the-go listening devotional to fill your mind with God's sacred message.

  70. Message Bible for Ipod

    Posted by Gail Dinkfelt

    cYour directions for loading where not very good, It took awhile to load it on the computer and ipod. Also, the next chapter starts before the one ends. So you miss the end of the chapter. but I love the Message Bible

  71. God speaks to me

    Posted by Monica Hines

    Praise God for inspiring Eugene to write the message bible and now to have it on MP3 allowing me to hear God speaks in simple language is heavenly. I love it. Monica

  72. Awesome Quality

    Posted by Peggy Davis

    Listening to the message mp3 files is like being told the greatest story ever. Other versions I have listened to were more like listening to someone read, rather than tell a story. I recommend this version to anyone. I still read my Message Bible, however I can listen when reading is not possible.

  73. Fabulous

    Posted by Claire Feltham

    I am extremely happy with this version of the Bible, and for the ease of listening. There are no distracting background noises or music which I find refreshing. I listen while I exercise in the morning, and the clarity of the modern English is like hearing the Bible anew. I love it.

  74. If you like being read to...

    Posted by Karen L Sawyer

    ... you'll love this iPod version of The Message! I have read the NIV study bible for many years. Now, I also walk in the beauty of God's creation and listen to His love-story to humanity as told by Eugene Peterson. The combination has enriched my understanding of the Bible & my love for the Lord.

  75. MP3 Audio is WONDERFUL deal

    Posted by M. Parsons

    I LOVE this Bible. I have read Living Bible, NIV, King James (raised with) and New King James. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Bible. It talks to you in everyday language that makes it a JOY to hear and I can't wait to listen. Big Change in my attitude.

  76. Love to hear the scripture

    Posted by Charlotte B Becker

    I really enjoy listening to The Message on my IPOD when I get up in the mornings. I can also listen when I'm walking or doing other activities. That wouldn't be possible with a book. I'm able to be connected with the Word of God more throughout the day. I'm encouraging others to do the same!

  77. Excellent for working out!

    Posted by Marcos Souza

    I have really liked listining to this translation. I'm a college student that was looking for something to listen to due to my busy schedule. It's very easy 2 listen to while working out, studying, or even at work.

  78. MP3 Bible

    Posted by EG Steenekamp

    I enjoyed using this version very much. Its self explanitory in modern day language.

  79. Message Bible on MP3

    Posted by Brittany Norman

    This is a really neat purchase. It takes bible reading to a whole new level. We are really happy with our purchase. It takes a while to upload everything and put on your player...but after it is on...its great!

  80. The Message

    Posted by Douglas McDaniel

    This is a good audio version of this translation; of course you have to accept The Message as an viable translation, but it is easy to listen to and you do get an image of what is being shared

  81. The Message Bible in MP3 format

    Posted by Alicia Lew

    My son is taking a Religion course in college. He is dyslexic and has some difficulty with small print textbooks. I bought The Message Bible in MP3 format so he could listen and better understand the Bible. It works great. He has found the cd's very helpful. Thank you.

  82. Really good Alterative

    Posted by John Barber

    I found that the message mp3 product really useful when you're on a long drive. It's easy to navigate too. I really enjoy this product.

  83. Excellent prduct

    Posted by Peggy Altman

    This product was just what I was looking for. The quality was good and it was nice to have the whole Bible on just a few discs. The prices for this was very reasonable.

  84. Excellent

    Posted by Donna B Hayes

    I listen to both the KJV and the Message audio bibles. When I need to understand the KJV in modern terminology I refer to the Message. The Message bible is a good alternative to assist you in studying the Word of God. The speaker articulates well.

  85. Very good for driving

    Posted by Micah Brunz

    I spend a lot of time on the road for work. It's very nice to have a version that seems like someone is sitting in the seat next to me telling me stories. A lot of the other ones sound a little too unreal. I don't think of this version as the Bible word for word, but it is great for listening.

  86. Message Bible Easy and Refreshing to Listen to

    Posted by Barry Mattox

    Although the Message Bible should be viewed as a paraphrase and not a true translation, for that very reason I have found it to give fresh insights into the Bible. This audio version is well done. I listen in my car.

  87. pcromer

    Posted by Peggy Gorham-Cromer

    This is a great way to get in your daily bible study. You can listen while on the eliptical or just working in the house. I highly recommend The Message Bible.

  88. Audio Message Bible

    Posted by Mary R. Horst

    I was very happy with my purchase of the Message Bible. It's done in one voice, rather than several voices for the different parts. I prefer this since this is the way I listen.

• The Message Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• 5 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
• Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 2.3 GB for installation of the entire Bible
• Voice only recording by Kelly Ryan Dolan
• 77 Hours and 45 Minutes of Bible Reading.
• Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Kelly Ryan Dolan
• He has done voice-over work for Sharper Video Productions, Sonlife Ministries, the Left Behind radio drama and others.
• Kelly Ryan Dolan has done many voice-over works for radio and other productions
Translation Information:
• The Message Bible (paraphrase)
• Worded by Eugene H. Peterson
• Published in 1993.
• An easy-to-read modern-language paraphrase.
• Converts the original language into modern day American speech, while retaining the original meanings.

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