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  • Front view - King James Bible on 48 Cassette Tapes Voice Only by Alexander Scourby
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  • Zipper case and cassette tape - King James Bible on 48 Cassette Tapes Voice Only by Alexander Scourby

King James Bible on 48 Cassette Tapes Voice Only by Alexander Scourby

80 product reviews
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• King James Version Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Complete Bible on 48 tapes
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• 72 hours of listening enjoyment
• Packaged in zipper case for convenience and protection
• Length: 71 Hours and 14 Minutes of Bible Reading
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611.


Most Recent Customer Reviews:

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  1. Excellent

    Posted by Beverly Zimmerman

    I really like this product because it doesn't have the background music or extra voices that a lot of products have. I personally enjoy listening to the Word being read without all the extra things added and Mr. Scourby does an excellent job of narration.

  2. The Best Bible

    Posted by Rev. Lacy Pennix

    These ARE the best bibles that i could have been purchasaed ,because i have only one hand ,one eye,i,m a dietbetic,with high blood pressure ,and i can,t walk far because i will fall. thank you for such a wonderful bible.

  3. Audio Bible Tapes by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Ashley Gilreath

    I got these for my dad. He has ministered for 46 years but,he is unable to read. He has gone through many sets in that time.He would be lost without them.They are worth more than words can say.This is the third set I've got him.Thank you so much.


    Posted by Linda Strode

    These are really great. Good voice and very plain. My mother is 93 and she listens to them every day. This would be a very good to have.

  5. KJV Bible

    Posted by Mr Cecil Haime

    This is the best reading of the bible, lovely to listen to, not to fast. This version is the best translation word for word. you truly get the Word of God not what man thinks it says eg (dynamic equivalent) NIV etc.

  6. Thank You Very Much Alexander Scourby

    Posted by christian gauthier

    I cover huge amounts of highway in my car and so these cassettes have definetely been a huge blessing to me. I've had the chance to hear the whole bible in a short time and am still listening to it daily. A true answer to prayer. I'm really thankful for the labours of Alexander Scourby.God bless.

  7. Just the Word of God

    Posted by Matthew M. Murch

    This is a great way to make God's Word live in your heart. I have found it immensely helpful to hear the Bible read with feeling, and listen to it often as I am driving. It has helped me to gain new insight, as hearing the Word read aloud often brings new understanding.

  8. 48 Tape of King James Bible By Scourby

    Posted by Terrie Morris

    We are very pleased with this version. The straight forward no nonsense version without added music or anything to distract is exactly what we were looking for.

  9. Audio Bible

    Posted by Linda Clark

    This has been one of the best products I have ordered. It is a very detailed and understandable version of the Bible. The narrator was precise and and easy to follow. Would highly recommened this to anyone who has trouble reading or understanding their bible.

  10. Bible on Cassette

    Posted by Ralph I. Wead

    This is ideal for listening while driving. Wake up listening in the morning. Just makes listening to the Bible easy.

  11. Bible on tape

    Posted by Richard Appleton SR

    I really like them i can listen to them any time i want to. I will tell everyone i can. thank you Richard Appleton

  12. Great Bible Reading

    Posted by David L Rohrbaugh

    This is a tremendously good reading of the Bible by Scourby. Very well priced and shipped and received very fast.

  13. Missionary Steve W. Watts

    Posted by Steve W. Watts

    Outstanding Bible study aid. Scourby is wonderful in his presentation of the scriptures...

  14. King James Version on tape

    Posted by Kathryn Clark

    I purchased this for my 86 year old mother. Since I was a little girl I remember Mom reading her Bible everyday. Now her eyesight isn't what it used to be so the tapes are perfect for her. Easy to understand & she can start & stop them as she wants too. She's very happy with them.


    Posted by Kevin Waita

    The audio bible I have is a trmendous blessing! I get to feed my faith, learn what God's will is for my life, get to understand the Lord's ways and how to handle different matters concerning myself, family, church and the world at large.I can listen to the audio bible whenever and wherever! I'm blessed

  16. bible-on-tape.

    Posted by William T. Lambert


  17. Audio Bible

    Posted by Robert Snyder

    I like this product and bought it for my mother who has macular degeneration. She liked the product but needs an index so she can find scriptures faster; maybe dividers seperating the old and new testiments. Otherwise the product is excellent.

  18. The Holy Bible On Audio Cassettes

    Posted by david johnson

    Very crisp and clear spoken audio cassettes. Spoken by Alexander Scourby. Very enjoyable to listen to. Mr Scourby speaks with passion and clarity. Very enjoyable to listen to i would recommend this version of the bible to any one. Good luck and God bless in Jesus name Amen

  19. Outstanding Rendition by Scourby

    Posted by David L Rohrbaugh

    A must for anyone interested in wanting to hear the word of God. Scourby at his best.

  20. Audio Bible on Cassette

    Posted by Linda Whitten

    I truly enjoy these tapes. Mr Scourby is a wonderful narrator. He is clear and is a pleasure to listen to.

  21. Complete King James Bible on 48 tapes (Voice Only) by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Stella A Rhodes

    My Mommaw(grandmother) can no longer see well enough to read her bible, and she likes to be able to do things herself. The cassette tapes worked out well for her, as her cassette player has larger and fewer buttons than a CD player and this allows her to operate it herself.


    Posted by DONALD L BROWN


  23. Great Expectations

    Posted by brenda williams

    I have found through lsitening to God's Word on the audio cassettes has give me a greater perspective, as to the Word of God being hidden in my heart. It's a blessing from God, to listen at any time or place, with the exception, during church services, to God's Word on audio cassette.

  24. Great Product

    Posted by Amber Holshouser

    Best price on the internet, fast shipping, great to deal with!

  25. Wonderful

    Posted by Lillian Turner

    The voice of Alexander Scourby is very pleasant and soothing as he reads the scriptures. It has been an absolute joy to be able to listen. These were the words of the friend I purchased the cassettes for. She is going blind and cannot see enough to read. So this has been a real asset to her.

  26. Love Listening To KJV in Car

    Posted by BRENT W MCINTOSH

    I have been listening to the KJV by Alexander Scourby in my car for a couple of months now and I love it! I drive quite a bit and when I am listening to the KJV I don’t feel like my drive time was wasted. The narration is clear, the emphasis that he puts on the words really help me get the KJV!

  27. Sooooo Beautiful

    Posted by Beatrice Dinsmore

    My Husband and I are on our 2nd time through the Bible this year. Such a blessing. We sent a set to a friend and she says it's the best gift she could have received.

  28. A Gift

    Posted by Robert

    This was a gift for a friends mother, she loves the tapes.

  29. Wonderful!

    Posted by Lena M. Dunkin

    These tapes are wonderful. They were a gift for my sister. She listens to them all the time. I have a feeling that I will be purchasing more soon!

  30. Audio King James read by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Ellen F White

    I was very plesed with the product. It arrived in a timely manner, and was as it claimed to be.

  31. The Holy Bible on Audio Cassette tapes

    Posted by Patsy S. Spicer

    I have really enjoyed reading this Bible. The only problem that I've incurred was finding a cassette player for the tapes. I've purchased 3 cassette players since starting these tapes.

  32. A. Scourby's Bible

    Posted by Demos

    Nicholas demons

    I really enjoy the voice of Alexander Scourby as he reads the King James. I listen almost daily. Thanks for making it available on cassette in these otherwise modern times

  33. Wonderful Bible Translation

    Posted by Donna R. May

    I got the audio set for my husband to listen to as he takes his walk each morning. He has already been through the complete set twice. His mother is blind and in a nursing home. He took the cassettes for her to listen to and they were so uplifting for her. Wonderful Bible translation.

  34. Complete King James Bible on Cassette by Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Mrs BL Webster

    Excellent reading and very clear

  35. Alexander Scourby

    Posted by Cyril Best

    This bible on tape is great. we put the tapes on while in bed and find the word very refreshing.

  36. Cyril Best

    Posted by James H Davis

    Mr. Scourby speaks the word of God in a manner most accomodating to my listening ear. These cassettes are an asset in preparing for Bible studies, teaching, and when I travel.The smooth flow of his reading often affords a better understanding than when reading for myself.

  37. A Review

    Posted by David L. Bonenberger

    This is a great product. I've owned my own for 20 years. I bought this copy for a member of our church who is bed ridden and cannot see well enough to read. She loves it, too. Thanks for presenting this great product

  38. The best set of cassettes ever bought

    Posted by Paula R Keen

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the tapes. We are going all the time and they made a big difference in the way we got to read the Bible. It is so easy to just pop in a tape and go. My husband said that this was the second best gift he ever got, the first being the birth of his daughter.

  39. A satisfied customer.

    Posted by Peter Hickling

    We are very satisfied with the Holy Bible on Audio Cassettes. Alexander Scourby has an excellent decisive voice. Highly recommend it for all who have impaired vision.

  40. King James

    Posted by James Moody


  41. A Subject and Voice that never grows old

    Posted by Ralph Williams

    My wife is legally blind but has no trouble using this audio Bible and does so regularly. It's excellent quality, easy to select your book, and Alexander Scorby reads with insight and conviction. His is a voice well known and remembered by those who've been fortunate to have it available on tape.

  42. Very well-pleased

    Posted by Al Lenzi

    Since I've received my Alexander Scourby Audio Bible on Cassettes, I have been very well-pleased not only with the cassette products, but also the nice carrying case!! However,the most outstanding feature of the entire product, is the voice of Mr. Scourby.

  43. Do you have insomnia - this will CURE you!

    Posted by Deanna Loftis

    I love the reading of the bible on tape. I have an old fashioned cassette player. I turn it on right as I get in bed at night, concentrate on really LISTENING TO IT and the Lord puts me into a very restful sleep during the reading. It is wonderful. It relaxes you and comforts you as you listen to it.

  44. product review

    Posted by Nadine Garland

    My Mother loves this set of the Bible. She is elderly and insists on cassettes. We are so glad you still had them. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  45. out standing

    Posted by Nancy Whisenant

    I really like the boldness in which he speaks.very easy to understand him.the words are spoken very clearly. just a joy to listen to him read.

  46. The Best

    Posted by James Capra

    I am glad to have found the Audio Bible on the internet. For years I have tried to find The Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby. No voice can compare with Alexander Scourby reading the complete Bible. Thank you Audio Bible.

  47. Bible Review

    Posted by Theodore E Klatt

    The tapes didn't work on our machine and we returned them and the company was great with the refund and we purchased them on CD which we are very happy

  48. kingjames version,by alexander scouby

    Posted by william l bonoan

    I play it 3 times a day when I do my inhalation therapy.It makes the time go so fast.plus I love the great teaching in the bible.

  49. Like Being in the Holy Land

    Posted by Gerald C. Purgold

    Alexander Scourby's narration of the Bible has to be experienced to be believed. Guaranteed to amaze.

  50. A New Way to Study God''s Word

    Posted by C D Hampton

    Due to some serious visual challenges in recent years, I had been struggling just to read a few verses in my Bible

  51. i enjoy every mimute i listen to it.

    Posted by Carlyle Johnson

    i listen to it on my way to worl at 600am in morining and then when i pick up my crew to do the landscape work we need to do that day. i work a a special needs conpany and i have a crew of 12 young special needs men whao have handicaps of some sort or another, and i teach then who to use a rack.

  52. Cassette KJV Bible Review

    Posted by Eddy L Miller

    I am satisfied with my purchase of the cassettes. They've made reading my Bible speedy and gives me the ability to absorb God's Word with my ears and heart.

  53. bible tapes

    Posted by Darrell Bagwell

    very good tapes love the zipper case. very good customer service and prompt delivery.

  54. Satisfied

    Posted by Virginia Malo

    Purchased for 88 yr old friend with glaucoma. Glad to find them at reasonable price. Loves Alex Scourby. Uses them often-along with reading and while working about her room. One comment - it's a little hard to find the tape she wants - labels could be better.

  55. Very satisfied

    Posted by LAURA DECOTA

    Very satisfied with product. Bought for my mother as a Christmas gift. Liked being able to hear samples of the item before purchase. Pleased with prompt delivery of item.

  56. This was a great gift.

    Posted by Marjorie C. Riedeman

    My husband and I gave this to a relative that has lost most of her sight. She is a good Christian woman and really missed being able to read her bible. We have heard from her and she is really enjoying her gift.

  57. Total Inspiration

    Posted by CINDA BERARD

    To hear the Word come alive stirs within your soul. It takes root wonderfully! I highly recommend this item!

  58. The Holy Bible King James Version cassettes

    Posted by Elaine Manning

    One of the most rewarding thing's someone came out with was the Bible on cassette tape. It is wonderful for the elderly as well as the blind to be able to recieve God's words in a simple manner like the tapes. Great study guides for those who can see. I love them !

  59. Blessing

    Posted by Tonya Cox

    Thank you so for the availabitly of cassette tapes of the Bible !! My mom can not see and cassette tape machines are easier for her to handle instead of cd audio. She loves them and is enjoying them everyday listening to them She had one tape that was defective and it can be easily replaced for her.

  60. Juntita's review

    Posted by Junita Simpson

    I enjoy listening to the Alexander Scourby Bible tapes. The tapes I purchased from Audio Bible were delivered in a timely manor. The cassette tapes sound quality was wonderful. I really appreciate the fact that the tapes were in the original King James. I also like the way he reads the Bible.

  61. Quite Pleased

    Posted by Roberta Alleman

    I'm learning so much more since hearing the narator pronounce the names of people & places. He speaks eloquently, as if he lived in that era. I would prefer that he slow down a bit. Great listening! I listen every day.

  62. The Word

    Posted by Roy L. Taylor

    I love it. It makes my walks pleasant. Nice way to hear the Word. I put it on when I go to bed. (The Spirit never sleeps.) Any Christian should have these, to read along with. Really neat.

  63. Emphasis

    Posted by James R. Jackson

    Alexander Scourby reads the Bible with feeling, and you feel like you are there and he does a great job pronouncing all the names.

  64. Satisfied Customer

    Posted by peter moerchen

    Just wanted to thank you for the KJV audio cassette tapes. They have a been a tremendous blessing in my life and i look forward to going through the bible in as little as three months.

  65. Great product

    Posted by Juliana Teo

    I bought this KJV Bible on audio cassette for my father-in-law who is blind. He enjoys being able to pull out the tapes and listen to the Bible readings. The recordings are clear. the order came quickly and the tapes are good quality.

  66. great product

    Posted by Wilma Futch

    very satisfied with quality of sound, this is second set, great way to read bible.

  67. thank you Lord

    Posted by Holly Johnson

    The narrator is good at telling the bible I like that I can follow Word by Word and Mark in My own bible to make references its a good way to study by listening I absorb more.

  68. Sonya's Review

    Posted by Sonya Jacqueline Page

    I am very pleased with the Complete King James Bible on Cassette Tape by Alexander Scourby. I received my product before I expected and the clarity of the tapes are excellent. I am planning on ordering from Audio Bibles in the near future. Very impressed!

  69. A truly captivating listen

    Posted by chris holbart

    I have listened to several different versions of the bible on tape over the years. Scourby's KJV is the only one that I never get tired of listening to. He is a great reader. Not monotone and no repetitive background music for distraction. I highly recommend this audio set to supplement your study.

  70. NECESSARY in my life !

    Posted by Betty Lou Stratton

    Used my eyes to read my Bible 25 or so times but eyes are not good anymore so now need to listen to it. My tapes are such a blessing. Thank you !

  71. Excellent quality and service on 48 cassette tape King James collection

    Posted by Jeannie Bolstridge

    We are very pleased with our purchase. There was one tape of the 48 that got damaged in shipping, and this tape was quickly replaced upon our request. We would highly recommend this company to anyone needing quality audio Bible media. Thank you for your excellent service and product.

  72. Very Good Product

    Posted by Ethel Davis

    We are just on the second side of the first tape, reading two chapters per day. Your price for the entire Bible is an amazingly low price. The first side of the tape had a few blips but once we got past those everything has been great. Thanks!

  73. highly satisfied

    Posted by Linda Austin

    nice voice, easy to understand, pleasant person to discuss and order it from, offered to let me hear it over the phone would highly recommend to anyone

  74. Gift only

    Posted by Ron Huckabay

    This was purchased as a gift for my mother. She was thrilled so thank you for that.

  75. like the tapes


    really like the tapes

  76. Positive review for the bible.

    Posted by Edward Jackson

    I am still reading the bible but I have enjoyed it very much. I am 91 years old and have always wanted to read it but my eyesight is impaired so I needed the cassettes. They are very hard to find now. Thank you.

  77. KJV on Cassette Tapes

    Posted by gail miller

    My wife recently lost 80% of her eye sight. These tapes allow her to keep up with her desire to hear the Bible.

  78. The Holy Bible On Audio Cassettes

    Posted by Praise & Faith Gospel

    I am really pleased with the purchase of these audio cassettes. If you want to read the Bible on your way to work, church, shopping or whatever, be sure to get a copy of the Bible on audion cassettes or cds. I am greatly pleased.

  79. god`s covenant

    Posted by Edward Dozier

    It has been great.

  80. Audio Bibles

    Posted by Lillian Woodard

    I received the delivery in the time that was promised. I listen to the tapes and they are very inspiring and relaxing. It is as if I can feel what is being spoken is happening at that very moment

• King James Version Bible
• Both Old Testament and New Testament
• Complete Bible on 48 tapes
• Voice only narration by Alexander Scourby
• 72 hours of listening enjoyment
• Packaged in zipper case for convenience and protection
• Length: 71 Hours and 14 Minutes of Bible Reading
Voice narrator/Artist:
• Narrated by Alexander Scourby
• Alexander Scourby was the first person to make a complete recording of the Bible in 1944.
• Alexander Scourby made voice recordings of over 500 different books, he considered the Bible to be his most important
• Alexander Scourby worked in both radio and television as both a narrator and actor
Translation Information:
• King James Version
• Number of Translators: 54
• The KJV is a word for word translation.
• The King James Version was originally published in 1611.


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