NRSV New Testament Bible on CD by Marquis Laughlin

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Click to play audio samples: Jesus heals a man, Luke 14
Law or Faith, which has saved you?, Galatians 3

  • New Revised Standard Version Audio Bible
  • Voice Only Narration
  • Comes in zipper carrying case
  • Narrated by Marquis Laughlin
  • New Testament on 16 audio CDs
  • Length: 18 Hours and 46 Minutes of Bible Reading
Voice narrator/Artist:
  • Marquis Laughlin is a performance artist whose life's work is enabling audiences to hear, see, and feel the God of the Bible.
  • His voice can be heard daily as the narrator for The Scriptorium-Center for Biblical Antiquities, located in Orlando, Florida.
  • Marquis Laughlin is a World Vision Artist committed to meeting the needs of the poor, as he shares Gospel message.
  • He maintains an active touring schedule, taking the Bible to such places as the Forum of Trajan in Rome Italy.
Translation Information:
  • New Revised Standard Version Audio Bible or the NRSV
  • Published in 1990 to be a Bible for all people.
  • Number of Translators: 30
  • Translation is a balance between word-for-word and thought-for thought
Customer Reviews:
5 out of 5
2 people like you, have reviewed this product.
 NRSV Bible New Testament
Submitted by Janice Cassman of Tooele, Utah
I am glad to have gotten this audio bible, however when ordering it initially, I thought it would contain both the Old and New Testaments. I obviously didn't read the whole title. This wasn't the fault of the website, just wish full ordering and selective reading on mine.
 Love it.
Submitted by Scott W. Gardner of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
This is easy to listen too. I only wish you had the old testament of the NRSV also narrated by Marquis Laughlin.
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NRSV New Testament Bible on CD by Marquis Laughlin

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