New Living Translation for MP3 & iPod by Mike Kellogg

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Click to play audio samples: God create the Heaven and the Earth, Genesis 1
Confess, believe and be saved. Romans 10

  • New Living Translation Bible (1996 Original 1st Edition)
  • Both Old Testament and New Testament
  • 5 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
  • Length: 73 Hours and 33 Minutes of Bible Reading
  • Recorded at 96 KBPS, total file size is 3.1 GB for installation of the entire Bible.
  • Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
Voice narrator/Artist:
  • Mike Kellogg has work with the Moody Bible Institute for 31 years.
  • Mike Kellogg has been the host for Music through the Night, a Christian music program aimed to help listeners grow in Christ.
  • With the Moody Bible Institute he has produced many dramatic and musical specials
Translation Information:
  • New Living Translation Bible (1996 Original 1st Edition)
  • Published in 1996.
  • The NLT was once the Living Bible paraphrase before translators revised it to a thought for thought translation.
  • The translators went back to the original languages used in order to produce an accurate contemporary English Bible.
  • Number of Translators: 90
Customer Reviews:
4.57 out of 5
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 Whole Family Enjoys
Submitted by Loretta P McRae of Dallas, Texas
The audio Bible is easy to understand. The format is perfect for my family and I. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy listening to the Word everyday.
 Easy on the ear but not DRAMATIZED
Submitted by JOSEPH HEROD of WOODBRIDGE, Virginia
Really enjoyed listening to this product. The reading voice was excellent and the version made understanding Gods Word very easy. Since I researched, listened-to, and now own a dramatized Bible with multiple voices and complex sound-effects, this one just does not deserve the name dramatized.
 The Bible without background
Submitted by James Monson of Wheaton, Illinois
The reading is good but the background is distracting I wish it could be played with the background and let the text shine. I knew it was there from the online trial but did not think it would be so distract so much. It is no doubt the trendy way to please the younger generation.
 Colossians 1:15 NLT
Submitted by Evelyn E. Fankhauser of Ellicott City, Maryland
The Bible revealed to me Elohim: The Father, The LORD Christ, and The Holy Ghost. The Word of GOD is helping me become a new creation in Christ. I can share that repeated listening to my iPocket Bible (all of It) on my iPod has greatly facilitated my much needed sanctification process.
 I read my bible 3 times over with the help of the cd
Submitted by h l allen of cayce south carolina
It can truly enrich your knowledge of the Word of God before you know it

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New Living Translation for MP3 & iPod by Mike Kellogg

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