New America Bible for MP3 and iPod, Voice Only NAB

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Click to play audio samples: Maccabeus remained confident, 2nd Maccabees 15
The tongue is a small member, James 3

  • New American Bible
  • Discs are formatted for use with your MP3 player or iPod player
  • U.S. Bishops have endorsed it for use in the Catholic Church
  • 4 MP3 discs comes in hard plastic case
  • Each chapter is on its on individual track so you can select the exact book and chapter you want to listen to.
  • Recorded at 64 KBPS, total file size is 2.2 GB for installation of the entire Bible
Translation Information:
  • New American Bible Translation
  • Number of Translators: 55
  • Word for Word Translation
  • The official translation used in the Mass of the Catholic Church in the United States, this translation began in response to Pope Pius XIIís famous encyclical on scripture studies in which he encouraged clear Bible translation combined with skilled literary criticism of the text. Translated under the direction of The Catholic Biblical Association of America and first published in its entirety in 1970.
Customer Reviews:
4.69 out of 5
65 people like you, have reviewed this product.
 Catholic New American Bible for MP3
Submitted by Maggie C Palmer of Marble Falls, Texas
The reader has a great voice and the mp3's were easy to download to my computer and transfer to my ipod. The price was fantactic. Thank you for all you do.
 MP3/iPod Bible is GREAT!!!
Submitted by Mary Plumb of Wimbledon, North Dakota
I received my bible within a few days of my order (faster than expected) then loaded it onto my computer using the easy to follow instructions. It was so much easier and faster than I expected! What a great product! I also enjoyed listening to it play while loading. Great addition to my collection!
 NAB Audio Bible
Submitted by Kathleen Boye of Charlotte, NC
The NAB Audio Bible was very easily downloaded to an Ipod and is easily accessed anytime,day or night. The narration is respectul and fitting for the reading of God's Word. It's a great way to be able to learn the Bible.
Submitted by Anthony Bellesorte of Vina, California
It is helpful for my foreign students. Thank you very much.
 Well done!
Submitted by John Maria of West Lawn, PA
The whole process was excellent: from order to delivery to easy installation. The narration is great. Highly recommended.

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New America Bible for MP3 and iPod, Voice Only NAB

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